Intermediate & Secondary School Opening 2026
To empower curious young minds to find their purpose, and to better the world through scientific and technological endeavours.

The Academy is a high-performing intermediate and secondary school focused on STEM, in the heart of West Auckland, created by leaders in education and the technology industry.

The Academy is scheduled to open its doors in 2026 to our first cohort of Year 7 to Year 9 students.

With an internationally recognised and knowledge-rich curriculum, and industry-focused projects, our students benefit from small class sizes and individual learning programmes supported by master teachers.

Middle School (Years 7 - 10)
A curriculum based on evidence

The Academy offers a highly engaging evidence-based middle school programme inspired by internationally recognised and proven curricula such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme.

By focusing on four core learning areas, our students can deeply engage in substantial and meaningful learning experiences. Our courses are content-rich and packed with collaborative and active learning activities.

Our courses are informed by educational research such as the Best Evidence Science Teaching project developed by the University of York Science Education Group, the Salters' Institute and the Institute of Physics

Through our technology curriculum, students will gain fluency in a wide range of industry programming languages (Python, C++, JavaScript) and they will have built a personal website and software repository to publish work from all subjects.

The middle school curriculum, Years 7 - 10, focuses on the following subject areas:

All subjects are taught by expert teachers, each specialising in their respective disciplines.

With small class sizes and weekly, self directed tutorials in each subject, we are able to tailor the experience for each student, providing challenges and experiences beyond the curriculum.

The goal of The Academy's middle school curriculum is to help students identify their strengths and build a strong foundation of good learning habits.

Computer programming will be embedded throughout each course and be a core skill to support learning.

Senior School (Years 11 - 13)
Cambridge International Education

The goal of The Academy's senior school programme is for students to identify and work towards achieving their purpose.

The Academy's senior school is a 3-year programme following the Cambridge Advanced curriculum. Students will generally select 4 or 5 subjects to focus on to achieve the requirement for their A-Levels and university entrance.

The University of Cambridge has over 160 years' experience in delivering fair, valid and reliable assessments to students worldwide, working with over 10,000 schools in 160 countries.

Cambridge International Education is the gold standard international benchmark for external assessment and ensures our students are internationally competitive and can meet the requirements for university entrance to the world's top-ranked universities.

The senior school subjects are:

  • Mathematics
  • English Literature
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
Programming is still taught in the senior school to support the learning and entrenchment of important skills.

All students are expected to take on at least one subject at NZQA Scholarship level and compete in a national academic competition:
(Science Olympiads, Sargeson Prize, NZ Writers College Short Story Competition, Future Problem Solving, Engineering Science Competition, Tournament of Minds).

As well as an internationally recognised secondary school qualification, students completing the senior school programme will have built an extensive portfolio of quality work (research articles, software, websites, web applications and hardware), complete with documentation which can be easily published and shared. Our students stand out and have a significant edge in competitive entry programmes such as medicine and engineering, and also for entry into prestigious overseas institutions where extra initiative in exploring subject areas and experiences is expected.

The ultimate advantage that students at The Academy will have, is their depth of knowledge in core subject areas.

Extension - Application - Engagement

Fridays at The Academy are dedicated to extended experiences where we embrace time for curiosity, extended projects, and building a strong community and culture of learning. This flexible time on Fridays allows us to incorporate extracurricular activities, providing opportunities to expand learning beyond the confines of the classroom.

These experiences extend students' learning and provide them with the opportunity to apply their knowledge to real-world contexts. Students will have opportunities to work on larger-scale projects that are simply not possible within regular class periods.

Students will use this time to carry out fieldwork, build software applications, gain industry experience, complete engineering projects, visit universities and so much more.

The extended experience time on Fridays allows us to have a broad curriculum where other subjects, life-skills and ideas are also explored such as welding, first-aid, accounting, machining, woodworking, sewing, health and well-being, business administration, history and philosophy, computer network infrastructure, outdoor education, cooking, IT security, automotive engineering etc …

In the senior school, the time on Fridays will be more focussed to support the student’s future goals.

Small class sizes; individual learning programmes

At The Academy, our small class sizes maximise time with experts who are masters of their profession and subject area. Our goal is to build a strong learning culture amongst students, with high expectations and solid routines. Students will have regular individual dialogues with each teacher to assess their progress. Areas to address are identified through this process, which allows for quick feedback and an action plan to be put in place.

Moving on to the next level is not the goal, mastery of the material is.

Weekly tasks, assigned in the tutorials for each subject, culminate in the regular dialogues - which may sometimes involve a presentation to the student's peer group. Gaining confidence and skill in communication (both written and verbal) is prioritised at all levels and is supported by a strong English curriculum. All students will have slightly different needs and we address them through the weekly task and dialogue process. If a student is ready to tackle more advanced material, they will be guided appropriately, without being constrained by age or year level.

Our goal is to build a strong learning culture amongst students, with high expectations and solid routines.

The Academy will open its doors to Year 7 to Year 9 students beginning 2026 and provide a high-performing academic school in the heart of West Auckland.

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